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How To Add Roles in Discord?

Add Roles in Discord
Written by Martin Mcgaha

Days are gone when yahoo was the only chat platform to send texts and emails, or WhatsApp was popular for voice notes. With induction of Android to the smartphone you cannot deny that communication apps largely increased. Discord is one of them with voice and text chat facilities to allow you to create your own server where you can add different channels. It is a gaming-specific platform where you can add roles in discord to the different users with a set of permissions they could have the right to make changes.

But how to add roles in Discord? This post is a complete guide to let you learn and have complete knowledge to answer this question. In Discord where it gives you the liberty to create your servers also offers to create channels for the members of your server’s community, you also have the right to add a variety of roles to the members. Let us understand the roles first before how to add them in Discord.

What Are Discord Roles?

In Discord no doubt you can allow a set of permission to the members with your authority being an owner of the server. Starting with the default @everyone role allocated to every member joining your server, you can add other roles like Administrator, manage roles, view audit log, control channels, etc. and the list goes on. The server’s administrator has all the rights to give or eliminate permissions to anyone he/she wants to including banning and muting a member.

Discord Permissions

Discord is allowing you to set a variety of permissions for the members on your server’s channels. Let us have a thorough list of those permissions with detailed instructions on what those permissions would add as the role to the members you allow.

Administrator: Like on all other platforms Administrator on the Discord server has the full authority to allocate what sort of permission he or she wants to add. I recommend you not to add any admin to your server it could lead to hijacking your server.

View Audit Log: With adding this permission a user would have access to audit logs.

Manage Server: By adding this role the user would be able to make changes to the server name and also would be able to shift it to other regions.

Manage Roles: As It is cleared with the permission’s nomenclature it would allow the user to add new roles and edit the existing roles. I would not recommend you to allow this permission for someone else.

Manage Channels: By this permission you will allow users to create new channels, and delete or edit channels as well.

Kick Members: Adding this permission would allocate the authority to kick off members off the server.

Ban Members: To ban members from the server you can allocate this permission.

Create Instant Invite: To increase your members in the server community with this permission you can take the assistance of the users on your server.

Change Nickname: This would help the users to change their nicknames.

Manage Nicknames: This would allow users to make changes to the nicknames of other users.

Manage Emojis: Emojis could be managed by the users with this permission.

Manage Webhooks: To create, delete, and edit webhooks this permission can be utilized to get the assistance of users.

Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels: Message channels could be accessed with this permission.

Text Permissions

Like the above list of permissions you would also have specified permissions on text messages like send messages, send TTS Messages, manage messages, and others explained here.

Send Messages: By allowing this permission users with this allocation would be able to send text messages via chat.

Send TTS Messages: This would access to send text-to-speech messages.

Manage Messages: Allowing to delete or pin text messages come into action from this permission.

Embed Links: Users with this permission would be able to embed hyperlinks in text chat.

Attach Files: Files attachement would be allowed through this permission.

Read Message History: Users with this permission would be able to read the message history in the chat.

Mention Everyone: Users with this permission could trigger push notifications across the channel.

External Emojis: This permission would let the users could use external emojis in the chat.

Add Reactions: Adding new reactions are allowed with this permission allocation.

Voice Permissions

You can also allocate voice permission in Discord. Here is the detail of the options you would have to permit.

Connect: For hearing voice channel this permission would allow users to hear.

Speak: To add speaking permission would allow users to make their access.

Mute Members: With the help of this option users would be able to turn off other users’ ability to speak.

Deafen Members: This permission would allow users to turn off others users’ ability to hear on the channel.

Move Members: This would allow users to move from one channel to another.

Use Voice Activity: Without using Push-to-Talk would be enabled with the help of this permission.

Priority Speaker: With the help of this permission users would be able to change the volume to make the priority speaker louder and clear.

How To Create Roles In Discord

It is important to allocate roles before you invite people to your Discord server. Management of roles and proper allocation could save you from future mishaps on the server. The server would play a role as a platform to make you able to create a community for your gaming or other marketing and communication purposes. Let’s do it in steps to understand it better way.

Create Roles In Discord

1. log in to the Discord server you already created to manage it with the allocation of roles and other important setups. When you log in to the server a screen appears having a variety of options.

server settings in discord

2. On the left side press the small drop-down arrow to access the other menu with more options to reach the desired settings.

drop down menu of server settings in discord

3. From this menu you can choose the settings.

4. From the settings you can click on the roles to reach the windows with roles options.

adding roles in discord

5. Now you accessed the roles of the Discord server. Here you can create and assign roles, also permission tab on this window allow you to allocate permissions to different users. From this window, you can control the users’ roles and permission easily.

creating roles in discord

For creating roles, simply click on the new role on the left-hand side and an options bar will appear. You can rename the created role from here. Also from here, you can allocate color to the newly created role.

From the permission tab, you can allocate permissions to the newly assigned role. After clicking the permission tab the list of permissions (already explained above) will appear. Scroll down through the list and allow permissions you want to allot by switching the button in front of every 32 permission options.

After the completion of the process, you need to click on the save changes button. You can find it at the bottom of the page. In case you forgot to save the changes a pop-up message will remind you for saving the changes in the same window. For every newly created role, You would require to repeat the process of assigning the roles on the same page with the help of the permissions tab.

It depends on your trust level, you can assign permission to every role as per your trust level. To the well-known users, you can assign high permissions and lower to the newly joined ones.

How To Assign Roles In Discord

How To Assign Roles In Discord

After the creation of roles, it is simple to assign roles to the member you wat with roles. On the roles creation windows, all the processes can be done with some counted clicks.

Assign Roles In Discord

Tap on the manage members tab and assign the roles from this tab. Simply select the role you created (already set in the process of role creation), now go to the manage members tab and add members to the role assigned.

From the right-side panel of the users, you can add them by right-clicking and adding options in Discord. The discord team tried really hard to make all the things simple to understand and use. You need to know the whole concept of adding roles in Discord. You can add a variety of roles for a single user and also for many users on your server.

Assigning Roles on Discord Mobile

If you are not setting in front of your computer you can add roles in Discord with the help of your mobile phone. Open the Discord app and on the top right tap on the three verticle dots and scroll down to the settings.

From there find the user management and tap on the roles to assign the created role to the usernames. Tick mark the checkbox next to the member you want to assign the role.

Editing Roles In Discord Mobile

Again not so hard to do on Discord mobile when you want to edit the roles. From the server’s settings, you can easily edit the roles. Select the role you want to edit, scroll through the list of permissions you feel important to change, and set them accordingly.

That’s it, you did it on the go while no hassle to face or even your computer is away but still, you are able to make changes within the Discord server with your mobile phone.

How to Manage Roles in Discord

It is the same way you do to add roles in Discord. Keep in mind, that it’s up to you how you want to keep your server operational. Managing it is easy and you should only access the server settings and make changes in the roles with the help of the permissions tab. Once you learn to add roles in Discord, you can easily manage them. Newly created and previous allotted roles both could be managed from the server settings.

How to Delete Roles In Discord

How to Delete Roles In Discord

Not so hard to do when you can add roles in Discord, you can also delete it from the same settings you used for adding up. Head over to the server’s settings, and go to the roles, the three horizontal dots on the right of the members could give you the option to delete the role.

When you opt for Delete a pop-out message with confirm will appear to let you confirm the deletion. On your confirmation it will delet the role in the Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are discussing some more valued information here about Discord. Why? Because Discord is a platform where you can learn a lot of things to do. Let’s dive in to answer a few questions that are frequently searched on the Internet.

Can I Automatically Assign Roles In Discord?

Of course, you can automate your Discord server. Do you know? Bots are there to manage your server for you? Yes, you would find bots to automate the server management and they would do the tedious and overwhelming tasks for you. Why would you need bots to do so? Because with the increase of your Discord server’s community members you would not do it manually all the time. So Bots will do it for you.

Let me explain to you to add roles in Discord with an automated setup. For auto-assign roles in Discord head over to the roles. Select the delay time with the help of Delay (Minutes) box to get this role by the members who newly joined your server.

It is solely your authority to assign time to delay, if you don’t want any delay, you need to leave the box empty or put a “0” in the box. By clicking the Add button you assigned it. In Autorole List, you can add or remove the roles. You can assign this task to the bot (Dyno) to do for you, but you’ve to assign higher roles to the bot for automating the whole process. If still, you couldn’t do it I would let you head over here.

I am an Admin, But Still Can’t Manage The Server. What’s Happening?

If you’ve been assigned an admin role in the Discord server but you are unable to do all the things an admin could do. Don’t get panic, it is because the Administrator of the server didn’t assign all the permissions to your role. In such a case you should get in touch with the administrator to ask him/her for assigning the permission you require to access.

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It’s A Wrap

Well, this guide would hopefully serve you the information you required to add roles in the Discord server to the users under your administration. The whole process is easy and you can do it with the comfort of having a steady internet connection and a computer device to access your server. Good luck!

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