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Best Gaming PC Build Under 1000 for 2022-2023

best gaming pc build under 1000
Written by Martin Mcgaha

When it comes to finding a gaming PC that can satisfy your gaming cravings, there are many different prebuilt options available to you. However, the hardware components may not be the ones that are according to your desires. Whereas here at PC 253, we always focus on building some nice rigs, and today our main concern is to have the best gaming pc build under 1000 that can max out any game at 1080P that you throw at it.

For most of the part, I am going to focus on the finest components that will make a great difference than that of prebuild desktops for $1,000 and yes, it’s going to perform way better for the graphics-intensive games.

On the other hand, here we are not dealing with the mid-range desktop anymore and are focused on premium-build that can perform well on a 1080P and 1440P monitor. This means that most of the AAA titles are sliced by this premium custom gaming PC under $1,000. Moreover, this desktop from PC 253 is not just a one-time build that is never going to be upgraded in the near future. But rather, it’s a versatile gaming desktop that is highly interchangeable and you can decide whenever you want to increase the RAM, CPU, GPU, etc.

In short, this build from us is the best one that we have put together keeping in mind the risks and all the technological changes that might take place in the near future. Which ensured that building this best gaming PC under 1,000 can be a great fit for gaming enthusiasts who are more focused on a long-term-based system rather than one that will only last a few years.

Please keep in mind that the prices for the hardware components on this premium build may not be the same in the near future. However, the PC 253 team is working really hard to ensure that this gaming PC never exceeds your $1,000 budget and still performs blazing fast for your favorite games.

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What Can You Expect From This Best Gaming PC Build Under 1000?

For almost any build, there is a lot of planning and decision-making required to get the end result and more specifically when your main goal is to build a gaming PC under $1000. No worries because you are going to get the specs and upgradability that any high-end gaming PC must-have and you’ll never regret this beast from PC253 that has the performance of your dreams.


When it comes to performance, the CPU and other hardware components are responsible for delivering smooth performance. Whereas, Intel and AMD CPUs have always had almost the same performance capabilities. For this specific gaming PC build under $1,000, I am using an Intel processor instead of AMD as I have to meet the budget requirements alongside the performance and value.

At 1080P and 1440P settings, a 1,000-dollar gaming desktop never lags and offers premium gameplays that are better than our previous build for $600. This means that, alongside a better CPU, I have installed the XFX RX 6600 XT GPU, 1TB SSD, and 16GB RAM on this rig for a much better experience.

AMD vs. Intel

As you already know that this build is Intel-based and yes, it’s the finest one out there in this range. Whereas, when it comes to the comparison between AMD and Intel, both companies offer some great CPUs. For this build, the only reason to add an intel CPU is to match the price range and still achieve a faster performance at a low cost. Whereas, AMD processors as compared to Intel are a little expensive. You can add it to an AMD-based gaming PC build but on the other hand, you have to compromise on some other hardware components. Overall, comparing the performance, the intel and AMD do not differ much.

Best $1000 Gaming PC Build Components

Grand Total: $1,000-$1,050

Note: You can’t use the amd processor here as the motherboard on this gaming PC build under $1,000 do not support the AMDs and are built only for intel-based gaming computers.

Watch Video On How To Build Gaming PCs: Explained

Video-credit: KristoferYee

Components Break Down For A Best Gaming PC Build Under $1000

Now that know exactly which components We are going to use for this $1,000 gaming desktop, let me give you an overview of these hardware components in order to know what you’re actually using on your build and how fast they are.

1. Intel Core i5-11400F CPU

Intel Core i5-11400FStarting with our first contender that is the Intel Core i5-11400F CPU used on this build which offers the highest speed for gaming having 6 cores. Whereas, with the addition of the cooling system, this processor never heats up during the graphics-intensive gameplay. As the CPU is added for the purpose of gaming here and driving the 100+ FPS speed is nothing for a CPU like Intel Core i5-11400F which is a result of a 4.4GHz processing speed. Overall, the Core i5-11400F is a lightning-fast component that will sit at the center of your gaming PC for $1,000 with pride.

2. ASUS Prime H510M-E LGA1200 Motherboard

ASUS H510MMost of you always worry about the future upgradeability of a gaming PC when it comes to building one or getting a prebuild. Well the motherboard like the ASUS Prime H510M-E LGA1200 solves it all for you and I have also used it on this build. However, the real question is how? The simple answer is the sockets that come in the Prime H510M-E LGA1200 motherboard to get the most out of your gaming PC build under 1000 when comes to upgrading it. The first one is the Intel LGA 1200 which is a socket that helps you upgrade to the upcoming intel CPU. Whereas, same is the case for other hardware components like storage, RAM, GPU, etc.

3. AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT GPU

XFX RX 6600 XTNow comes the game-changing component which is always a necessity of gaming and that is not other than the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT which is based on the AMD RDNA 2 architecture for lifting up your gaming experience. Moreover, the boost clock is always important in a GPU and the Radeon RX 6600 XT is capable of going up to 2589MHz. Whereas, a dual-fan cooling system named XFX Speedster SWFT210 prevents it from heating up during playing graphics complex games. Shortly, it’s a powerful graphics card that is sitting inside this 1,000-dollar gaming PC to slice up your favorite games like a boss in 1080P and 1440P settings.


TEAMGROUP 16GBRAM is like the mind of a computer where most of the time, the temporary data is loaded and it has a great impact on the performance of a gaming PC. Whereas, for this premium build, I have installed the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta gaming memory that comes with the RGB lights for more glamour on your gaming desktop for 1,000 dollars. Whereas, the 16GB capacity and some other technological advancements ensure the fast memory speed to tackle modern game titles with ease.

5. Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD

Samsung 1TBThere must not be a dilemma between an HHD and SSD as we know for sure that SSDs have a faster RPM(revolutions per minute) as compared to HDDs. Of course, I am using the Samsung SSD 860 EVO SSD(Solid-state drive) on my $1,000 build that comes with the capacity of 1TB and also meets our budget requirements. On the other hand, when combined with other components, it gives us the gaming performance of our dreams other than just storing the data.

6. Zalman S2 ATX Mid Tower Case

Zalman S2One of the important things that we always need on our gaming PC is the aesthetics and most of the time we don’t get what we need. For the best gaming PC build under 1000 dollars, I have selected the Zalman S2 case that is able to fit all our components and has more room for easy upgradability. Moreover, the exterior of this case speaks for itself and looks amazing when this build is completed. The case comes with vents for a cooling system for better airflow so that our rig never heats up. Whereas, the overall design is following the Acrylic material and color.

7. EVGA 650W PSU

EVGA 650W PSUA power supply is responsible for delivering the power to each hardware component in the most convenient way. As on this build, most of the components consume more power because of the graphics-hungry games and other tasks, I have added a powerful EVGA 650W PSU to this desktop for under 1000. Whereas, with the ECO Mode, EVGA PSU tries to do its best to consume less power. On the other hand, the cooling system on the EVGA 650W is based on a single fan that never allows the heat inside it. Overall for this build, EVGA 650W can do better than any other PSU.

How To Get Windows 11 For This Build

Most of you may already know that Windows 11 operating is way expensive for us at this time with the price tag of $100 and we can’t exceed our $1,000 budget. There are many ways to get it for free without more or even a penny but there are a few compromises and risks involved. So we’ll have to go with the way which is less risky and we still get the Windows 11 running smoothly on our best gaming PC build under 1000. Let’s begin.

You simply opt-in to the or where you can get the Windows 11 license for almost 30 bucks which is less than the $100 and also involves some risks that you might face later on.

Whereas, simply just downloading the Windows 11 free version is way better than just purchasing it for $100. The best part is that Microsoft has no issues with using their free Windows versions and never demands to upgrade it. Whereas, some customization options can’t be used on the free versions like changing the background on your desktop which is basic stuff as long as you’re only concerned with gaming.

Note: You can also use Linux on your $1000 rig but keep in mind that you won’t be able to play some games on this operating system.

How To Upgrade This $1000 Gaming PC Build

Moving from 1080P and 1440P to 4k gaming isn’t as hard as you might be thinking as all you need is some extra budget if you decided to interchange some of the hardware components on this gaming desktop for under $1000.

However, to maximize the performance, you don’t change each component inside this build but rather focus on a better GPU and CPU which will easily fulfill the need of your 4k gaming. On the other hand, make sure you don’t pick any CPU from AMD for this build because of the ASUS Prime H510M-E LGA1200 Motherboard as only the Intel CPUs are compatible here.

As for the GPU, you can select any better GPU than the Radeon RX 6600 XT either from Nvidia or AMD and you’re good to go with the 4k gaming.

Another important thing before upgrading this rig is to make sure that your gaming monitor supports 4k resolutions as you might end up wasting your budget only on CPU or GPU and there will be no budget left for upgrading your monitor. Everything else on this premium build will work fine and I’ll recommend letting them be as they are.

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Is It Too Expensive To Build A Gaming PC Under $1000 Right Now?

In my opinion, not really because the prices for the gaming PC components are fluctuating each day and as compared to previous years they have got more expensive. I am pretty much sure, in the near future, the market is going to boom and the hardware components that you use today on a gaming PC under 1000 dollars are going to be more expensive than this. Not promising things but just an assumption that is based on the previous data that we have.

Is A $1000 Gaming PC Worth It?

If your main concern is to max out your gaming experience to 1080P, of course, you are going to have some of the outrageous specs on a $1,000 PC that will beat the games that you have always been dreaming about playing. Furthermore, it also values your money by providing many upgrade options.

What Is The Best GPU For A 1000 Build?

Of course, the Radeon RX 6600 XT is the only one that is beating most of the graphics cards out there for a gaming build under $1000. There are many other options to choose from but RX 6600 XT is and always be above other GPUs in this case as long as some new advanced graphics card is introduced on the market that covers the premium builds like this one.

What Is The Best CPU For A 1000 Build?

AMD and intel are no less than each other in manufacturing the best CPUs for gaming computers. However, when it comes to a $1000 budget, you have to make a decision on the basis of your budget, and Core i5-11400F or Ryzen 5 3600 are the CPUs that always work better on a $1000 build.

If you haven’t built a gaming PC before, here’s a full guide with the step-by-step process that will help you build one on your own.

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There has our premium build under $1,000 which is a monster in maxing out any at 1080P resolution and more specifically your favorite AAA titles. PC253 team has worked very carefully on getting the components on this build that will never allow it to drop the frames rate on the newest games released recently. On top of that, their many upgradability options here in case you changed your mind to shift to 4k gaming. Moreover, as for the prebuild and building a gaming PC for 1000, I would say that choose to assemble your own PC instead of a prebuild if you know exactly what you’re doing. That’s it from our side, make sure you leave us feedback in the comment box as an appreciation to the PC 253 team. Good luck with the build! 🙂

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