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Best Gaming PC Build Under 1500 For 2022-2023: (Play With 4K Settings)

best gaming pc build under 1500
Written by Martin Mcgaha

You have watched the PC253 build many gaming PCs for you and till now we were more focused on building the rigs that you can afford and still achieve your desired performance. However, this is the time to push the limits and hop over to building the most outrageous rig like the best gaming PC build under 1500 and you’re going to love it. Sported with the latest hardware components like the processor that sits at the core of the rig, a graphics card for graphics-intense game handling, and other parts that do their job on the finest level.

Now the real question always arises and we do our best to answer it for you which is “Should I build A Gaming PC For $1500 or Get a Prebuilt Gaming PC for $1500?

PC253 has answered this many times but let me give you another answer for this $1500 budget gaming PC anyway. If you are a person who is more into gaming PCs and built one or two of them in your lifetime, you probably know what it actually takes to build a PC. In this case, it’s highly recommended to get the hardware parts on your own and start building from the scratch. However, if you don’t know a thing about assembling a rig, the first option that you have is to learn the actual process and start building a rig. Whereas most of you can’t handle the hassle that comes with it and in this situation, I’ll recommend going for a prebuilt gaming PC under $1500 that is going save your time and you’re able to play games with a prebuilt straight out of the box.

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Best $1500 Gaming PC Build Overview 2022-2023

A budget of $1500 is what actually gives you a gaming PC that is able to run your favorite AAA titles like the Elden Ring, League Of Legends, God Of War, etc in 1440 settings at 144+ FPS and you can even push the limits to 4k settings at 60FPS.

That’s all because our $1500 PC build sports a processor like Intel Core i5-12600K and the finest graphics card like the RTX 3060 Ti that sits on the ASUS Prime Z690-P motherboard. Whereas this gaming PC is also strong on the memory and storage side, offering a 16GB of RAM that provides much room for heavy games, and a 1TB SSD not only stores your games data but also plays a crucial role in the performance because of the high RPM.

Moreover, it’s holding on to a power supply like EVGA 650W that never back down on any component when supplying the power. Most importantly, there’s an MSI MAG P240 cooling system installed on this gaming PC built for under $1500 that never allows the rig to heat up.

On top of that, all the PC parts sit inside a stylish PC case that gives it an ergonomic look on the outside and also exposes the inside of the gaming PC because of the transparent side panels. Short enough, this 1500-dollar gaming PC build is the only one for competitor gamers who want the best out of their games in 1440P resolutions at 144+FPS or achieve 60FPS at 4k resolutions.

Best Gaming PC Build Under 1500 Components 2022-2023

Grand Total: $1,500-$1,530

Note: As we also mentioned in our gaming PC guides, please always choose the right CPU for the right Motherboard, as you might end up getting the ones that are not compatible with each other and later on replace them which will cost you time.

Best Gaming PC Build Under $1500 Components Breakdown

Now that you know which components are going inside our gaming PC for 1500 dollars, let me explain each of the components in order to define the role and capabilities that they are going to deliver us. When it comes to using them in a build like this, it’s necessary to have the exact graphics card and processor here, if you can push your budget a little more, get a better GPU and CPU to max out the performance.

1. Intel Core i5-12600K

Intel Core i5-12600KA CPU like Core i5-12600K can never let itself be left behind when it comes to smashing the instructions and more specifically, for gaming, the Core i5-12600K is a complete monster. The reason behind this is the 10 Cores alongside the awesome frequency of 4.9GHz. Whereas, the most interesting part about this CPU is the 12th Gen which mean ensures us that it’s going to be fast without any doubt. All in all, the Intel Core i5-12600K is a tremendous processor that can get the job done more efficiently for a $1500 gaming PC.

2. MSI MAG P240

MSI MAG P240The cooling system is always a crucial part of the $1500 gaming desktop and the only reason for that is the heating up of the hardware components. Luckily, the MSI MAG P240 is right here for us and added to this build to fulfill its duties. Moreover, it’s also a nice fit for our budget as we are able to afford it without exceeding our $1500 budget mark. Overall, the MSI MAG P240 plays the best possible role to prevent our PC from heating up which results in smooth performance no matter how hard you get on the gaming side.

3. ASUS Prime Z690-P

ASUS Prime Z690-PFor a gaming PC build like this one, the latest ASUS Prime Z690-P is a great choice in our price range having the advanced ports for all the parts to plug in, and most importantly, you’ll never bother about changing the motherboard when it comes to upgrading your CPU and GPU. The motherboard comes with the DDR5 RAM socket that can support up to 128GB memory, 3X M.2 to connect your SSD, Thunderbolt 4 Support, and a lot more advanced sockets for all the components that go inside the best gaming PC under 1500 dollars.

4. EVGA RTX 3060 Ti

EVGA RTX 3060 TiDriving the highest frames per second(FPS) is the dream of all gaming enthusiasts and luckily, here it’s going to become a reality with the EVGA RTX 3060 Ti graphics card that comes with the blazing fast speed for any graphics-demanding game. Moreover, you can achieve up to 144+FPS for the newest title with the RTX 3060 Ti on a 1440Hz and you can even go further to 4k monitors where the RTX 3060 Ti achieves the 60FPS. Indeed it’s a great GPU for build and I recommend having it on your $1500 rig.

5. XPG Hunter 16GB

XPG Hunter 16GBTypically you find some ordinary RAMs on the cheap gaming PCs but in the case of a $1500 gaming PC, the game has been completely changed by the XPG Hunter 16GB RAM which is from the latest DDR5 generation and does miracles on our build. Here, you don’t have to worry about multitasking or running heavy games as the memory is able to slice up everything like a boss. Whereas a 16GB memory is more than enough for and on top of that, it is compatible with our motherboard that I chose for our gaming PC under 1500.

6. Samsung 1TB

Samsung 1TBThere’s no denying in this that SSDs have always performed better than hard drives. I am not talking about storing the gaming data but the actual addition to the performance. When it comes to a gaming PC for 1500 dollars, I chose the Samsung SSD with the capacity of 1TB which means that we are not only getting the fast performance but also tons of data storage capacity to store all of our favorite AAA titles and eSports games without having a fear of running out of space.

7. Antec NX410

Antec NX410Another important component that defines our overall $1500 gaming PC build is non-other than a PC case because no one likes to have a rig that looks boring right? That’s why I have one of the stylish and decent Cases to put on our rig which is non-other than the Antec NX410. It’s a Case with most of the parts transparent that not only makes the exterior look good but you can look through the front and side panels that give reveals the overall interior of the rig. Short enough, our $1500 PC is lucky enough to have a PC case like this one and it looks amazing on a gaming setup.

8. EVGA 650W

EVGA 650WYou probably have seen the EVGA 650W on our previous gaming PC builds and no doubt, it’s one of the best power supplies for a build that ranges from $1000 – $1500. It’s a fully modular PSU that can supply power in the most convenient way to all the hardware components under its command. Moreover, when I didn’t choose a power supply of fewer than 650 Watts and the only reason behind it is that weaker power supplies can’t handle the components that we have chosen for our $1500 gaming desktop. Nonetheless, the EVGA 650W is the best choice that must go inside this build and yes it comes within our budget mark.

I wouldn’t and have never recommended you to buy Windows 11 for your PCs as the Windows 11 free version is available to us and you don’t have to activate it. The only reason behind this is that we can’t afford to spend $100 on an operating system. Of course, you’ll have some customization restrictions on the window but as long as you can play games, go with the free version.

How To Upgrade a Best Gaming PC Under $1500

Normally, a $1500 gaming PC doesn’t need any upgrades as the performance that the components on this build deliver is on point. With the blazing-fast processor and graphics card, it helps you achieve 144+ FPS at a 1440P resolution and you might fact a slight difference in the performance when it comes to 4k gaming on this rig.

In this case, if you want to have a butter smooth performance at 4k resolutions, you don’t need to upgrade anything else on the rig except for the processor and graphics.

You can move to the latest Intel Core i7 from the 12th gen and any of the graphics cards from Nvidia in the RTX family which is a little better than the current GPU installed on our best gaming PC under 1500.

As a result, your gaming performance will be pushed to a whole new level at 4k resolutions and your gaming computer will be able to drive more FPS at 4k resolutions. Another important thing to mention is that if you have a gaming monitor that only has the maximum resolution of 1440P, you can’t run games in 4k on such a monitor even if you upgrade the mentioned hardware components. This means that, if you’re planning on getting such powerful components for your rig, make sure you also get one of the 4k monitors to avoid wasting your budget for good.

Custom VS Prebuild Gaming PC Under $1500

As I have mentioned earlier, if you don’t know how to build a gaming PC, make sure, first, you learn the building process and then jump into the actual process. If you can’t do that, a prebuild gaming PC for $1500 is good for you at this point. You’ll lose some of the performance here but overall, it’ll run all of your games, and most importantly, it’ll free you from the hassle and save you lots of time.

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC DesktopThe Skytech Shiva is an AMD-based PC for those who can’t build a gaming PC for 1500 dollars. With a powerful processor, RAM, graphics card, and storage, the Skytech Shiva is one fine beast that can run any title at 1440P to 4k settings. Of course, it’s a little weak than our build but overall speaking, the rig can beat any other cheaper rig. You can check out the entire specs of the rig on amazon and you’ll find out that it’s one of the most outrageous builds that I have ever seen in the arena of gaming PCs for $1500.

If you haven’t built a gaming PC before, here’s a full guide with the step-by-step process that will help you build one on your own.

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I hope a gaming PC build for $1500 satisfies your needs as it’s one of the most powerful rigs that we have built so far. The next gaming computer that PC253 is going to build is a little more expensive than this one and it has the most powerful parts. On the other hand, if you need a prebuilt gaming PC for $1500, I have mentioned the Skytech Shiva which is the finest rig for those who can handle building a PC. Do let us know in the comment box, what you think of this PC build and suggest to us how can we improve it for you. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and answered by the PC253 team.

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    • Thanks Steve, PC253 already published a whole guide on $1500 prebuilds. Simply search them on PC253.

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