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Best Gaming PC Build Under 800 2022-2023: ($800 PC Build)

best gaming pc build under 800
Written by Martin Mcgaha

The $800 budget is a lot for either building a gaming PC or getting one of the prebuilt and yes you’ll have your dream rig that is powerful enough to crush the newly released titles in 1080P. However, PC253 always recommends you build one of your own which will have a slightly better performance than the prebuilt. That’s why I am right here to give the best gaming PC build under 800 so that you don’t get out of the track and build a rig that is worth having.

Whereas, there’s a lot of brain consumption during the process. First, you need to absolutely make sure that you get the hardware components like the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, etc under the budget of $800 instead of exceeding it. Secondly, you much know how to build computers as, without proper skill and knowledge, you’ll end up doing things that you might not be sure about and end up building a rig under 800 dollars that is worthless.

From getting the parts to building the PC, PC253 plays its part to let you free from the shackles and you can perform the process in your comfort zone.

Note: Please don’t approach an expert or a tech-savvy because we can’t waste our budget. Try the building process on your own so that next time you’re confident about things and it’ll also help you upgrade your $800 PC build in the future.

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Best $800 Gaming PC Build Overview

If you have already experienced the performance of our $600 gaming PC build, you’re probably going for this $800 PC build as it’s a more enhanced version of cheaper rigs that gives you the freedom of playing games at 1080P. Whereas, if you want to go with the VR gaming at 1080P, this is the build that allows you to do so.

Moreover, speaking of the parts that are going to sit inside our gaming PC under $800 includes some of the finest picks from the market. This means that a processor like Core i5-11400F, a graphics card like ASUS RTX 3050, and a TEAMGROUP 16GB RAM are complimenting our rig to be the beast of our desires.

Whereas, you can play some less demanding titles at 1440P settings on this PC with the Oculus and HTC Vive for a more realistic experience. However, please avoid the higher settings, let’s say you have a 4k monitor and you push the settings accordingly. Chances are that your game lag or crashes because the specs that I have powered inside this $800 rig aren’t capable of achieving such intense graphics.

Overall, this is the gaming PC under $800 built for the people who won’t give a slight kick to their gaming experience instead of just leaving thousands of dollars on the table for a PC because of low budget reasons. This that you’re building a system that is good for competitive gaming and achieving the 1440P with Virtual reality. Now let me give you the actual parts that will go inside our build.

Components List For a Best Gaming PC Build Under 800

Grand Total: $800-$850

Note: The peripherals like the Keyboard, Mouse, and headsets are not included in the package and you need to buy them separately which will cost you some extra money.

$800 Gaming PC Components Breakdown

Now that you know the main components of the best gaming PC under 800, let me give you a quick overview of all these parts so that you are able to know what exactly you’re getting inside your rig.

1. Intel Core i5-11400F

Intel Core i5-11400FThe first and most important component that’s going inside our rig is non-other than the Core i5-11400F processor which comes with 6 cores alongside some other techs. Whereas it’s compatible with the motherboards having the 500 series and 400 series chipsets which is another advantage in case we want to level up our MOBO, we don’t need to spend extra money on a processor. Moreover, this CPU has a fantastic speed frequency of 4.4GHz at max-boost and a minimum of 2.6GHz. Overall, having the Intel Core i5-11400F CPU on an $800 gaming PC is a miraculous component for the latest demanding games.

2. ASUS H510M

ASUS H510MThe ASUS H510M is one of the finest motherboards that I picked for this computer which has the intel socket that can support the latest processors from intel. This means that if you picked the 11th Gen processor from intel and plug it into the ASUS H510M motherboard, you’re good to go. On the other hand, it also welcomes all other components to its arena because of all the sockets that it has for all the hardware components. All in all, ASUS H510M is the one we can afford right now for the best gaming pc under 800 and yes, it has upgradeability in case you changed your mind about powering up your rig with the latest components.

3. ASUS RTX 3050

ASUS RTX 3050For this build, I have picked the ASUS RTX 3050 graphics card only because it has the ability to drive our desired FPS at 1440P resolutions plus we can also afford it in our $800 budget. Moreover, it comes with the 8GB memory from GDDR6 generation which is really good for our games at 1440P. When it comes to cooling, the RTX 3050 has dual cooling fans that never allow it to heat up while playing graphics-intensive games. On top of that, there are HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4a for easy connectivity. Overall, the ASUS RTX 3050 is the best choice that I made for our $800 desktop build.


TEAMGROUP 16GBThankfully that we have a budget of $800 for a build like this and the 16GB TEAMGROUP comes within our specified budget. This means that we are going to have a PC that is capable of achieving a higher memory speed to crush heavy programs or demanding games without giving it a second thought. Most importantly, the 16GB RAM is capable of multitasking no matter how many tasks you throw at it and it will handle it smoothly. Overall, the TEAMGROUP 16GB(2 x 8GB) is a great choice for the best gaming PC under $800.

5. ADATA 480GB

ADATA 480GB SSD storageMost of the builds you have seen from PC253, almost all of them are based on SSD storage. The reason for this is simply because you need a faster storage component that comes with the higher RPM and SSDs are ones that fulfill our criteria. On the other hand, as we are building a PC under $800, we can’t afford the more storage capacity on this build. So I decided to add a 480GB SSD from ADATA in order to have fast performance, and decent capacity, and also fulfill our budget requirements. It’ll store some of your favorite titles but it’s highly recommended to avoid storing the heaviest titles as you may run out of storage.

6. Bgears b-Voguish

Bgears b-VoguishYou always need a stylish PC case that defines everything on the outside and in this budget range, the Bgears b-Voguish is the one that you need as it’s affordable and also stylish from all angles. It comes with three sections for cooling fans on the front panel. Whereas the side panels are transparent and will expose the internals of our $800 gaming Desktop. Short enough, this PC case is going to take our rig to a whole new level and this is the best one right now for this build.

7. EVGA 600W

EVGA 600WThe Power Supply is purely dependent on the power consumption of other parts inside the rig. For this $800 gaming PC build, I have picked the EVGA 600W PSU as it’s powerful enough to fulfill the power consumption requirements of all the components that I have sported inside the rig. Moreover, it passes out the balanced power to the components according to their needs as the unbalanced power supply might get us in trouble and we may lose our gaming PC. Whereas, the good news is that it comes within our defined budget and we’re not exceeding our limit.

FAQs For Best $800 Gaming PC Build

Now that you know which parts go inside our build, Let me answer some of the queries that you have regarding this desktop. From performance to the components-related questions, I have answered all of them and hope so they will help you clear the doubts that you might have. That being said, let’s proceed with the actual questions.

Note: If any of your queries aren’t mentioned here, please make sure that you ping us in the comments or shoot us an email so that we can solve all of them for you regarding the best gaming PC under $800.

What Kind of Gaming Performance Is Expected From An $800 Gaming Computer?

An $800 gaming rig is designed to sit with your expectations that achieve the best performance at 1080P settings alongside some other upgradability options that are going to help with leveling up your gaming experience. That’s all because of the components like RTX 3050 GPU, Core i5-11400F processor, and a 16GB gaming RAM that never backs down for any title at 1080P settings.

Now let’s break down the games that you can actually run on this beast. From less demanding to high demanding games, I’ll be mentioning all of them in our upcoming part.

I. When it comes to less demanding games like Fortnite, GTA V, Rocket League, Apex Legends, League of Legends, and a few others, the $800 gaming PC can run them at 100+ FPS on a 1080P monitor. What more do you want If you can play such beautifully designed games with a computer like this?

II. High-demanding games are also welcomed in the arena of the best gaming PC under 800 including the titles like the Halo Infinite, Elden Ring, Call of Duty, and The Witcher 3. Whereas, as for the performance, you’ll get the 70+ FPS for these games on our rig on 1080P settings which isn’t the ideal performance to expect but with these components, yes, it’s acceptable.

III. Please never go for graphics-intensive games with higher settings as you’re not able to have smooth gameplays here. This means that you’ll have a 1440P gaming experience with 60 FPS which is near to ideal but not recommended. However, when it comes to less demanding games at higher resolutions, on an 800-dollar gaming PC, expect it to have better gameplays at 80+ FPS on a 1440P monitor.

IV. If you have cravings for VR gaming, this rig welcomes the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift sets to its kingdom to kill your Virtual reality cravings.

Note: These are just the rough observations for a few of these games. Other games might have different readings as the ones above.

Why You Need To Upgrade To RTX 3060 or RX 6700 XT?

Enhancing your gaming performance is a great idea if you wish for it. However, keep in mind that the gaming PC will exceed the $800 budget. Nonetheless, if you still want to upgrade to achieve a better FPS, there are two different graphics cards for you from Nvidia and AMD which include the Geforce RTX 3060, and the Ryzen RX 6700 XT. You can choose any graphics between these two in the near future to level up your gameplay. Whereas, there are also many more powerful options than these two and you can also decide to choose one from one of those in case you have more budget.

How Can I upgrade My Gaming PC Under $800?

The only mistake that most people make is to invest a big portion of their budget in unnecessary components on a gaming computer that has nothing to do with the performance. To enhance the performance you only need to level up your processor, RAM, and graphics card. Let’s say we want to upgrade this 800-dollar gaming PC build, you can choose one of the graphics cards mentioned in the above portion, get a slightly good processor like the Intel Core-i7, and add a little more memory if needed, if not, just stick to the 16GB which will still work miracles.

How To Get Windows 11 For an $800 Gaming PC?

With a budget of $800 for a PC like this, getting a premium Windows 11 ruins our budget because of the $100 price tag that this operating system has. However, you have the other operating systems out there like Linux and Ubunto that of course apply some limitations on your gaming but it’ll work. However, to avoid the limitations, you can buy Windows 11 from certain sites by searching them online and pay $30 for it but it still includes some risks.

The simplest way to get Windows on your gaming PC under 800, is simply to download it from Microsoft for free and do not bother to run it after activating it as the company does not impose to activate Windows 11. This way you can use it for free and run any games on your desktop computer for $800.

Is It Worth Buying An $800 Prebuilt Gaming PC?

If you need a hardcore performance at 1080P or want to have the VR gaming experience, of course, the best-prebuilt gaming PC under $800 is good for you. However, PC253 always motivates you to build your own PC as a custom build is always slightly better than a prebuilt rig. The reason I brought this up here as most of you might not able to build a rig on their own or they always go to any tech-savvy to build a rig for them. Whereas, instead of allowing another person to build a rig for you, why not get a prebuilt gaming PC under 800 from a reliable brand. I’ll suggest one of the gaming rigs that will suit your desires.

If you haven’t built a gaming PC before, here’s a full guide with the step-by-step process that will help you build one on your own.

Build Your Own Gaming PC

SkyTech Blaze 3.0: (A Best Prebuilt For $800)

SkyTech Blaze 3.0 pcThe Blaze 3.0 is a complimentary rig that I came up with for your ease as it’s one of the most powerful rigs in our defined budget. With the Intel Core i3-10100F, this prebuilt rig is able to deliver the clocking speed of 4.3GHz on max boost.

On the other hand, it’s complemented with the GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card for all the graphics complex tasks and handling the less graphics-intensive games like a pro at 1080P monitor. Whereas, a 500GB SSD and an 8GB DDR4 RAM add up more spice to the performance of the rig.

Overall, I must say that the rig is not as good as our $800 build. However, if you can’t build a rig for yourself, this one is the best option to get at this point because later on, you may not be able to get it at this price.

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Now you know what goes into building a gaming PC for $800. I hope we have solved all of your queries regarding this build and your mind is now free of doubts. You can start building your rig now by following the steps that I have explained. Moreover, if you don’t know how to assemble a gaming rig, please go through our detailed guide on how to build a gaming PC that will guide you properly. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment box or if you have any other queries to ask regarding the best gaming PC under 800 dollars, the PC253 team is right here to get them solved for you.

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