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How To Block Ads On Twitch The Easy Way?

block ads on twitch
Written by Martin Mcgaha

Twitch is considered the largest platform for the live streaming and broadcast of video games. The twitch site is not only limited to gaming and live commentary, however, but it has also expanded so much that now people all over the world can even make earnings with the twitch platform. Being such a vast network, twitch also displays some ads to the audience for the sake of promotions and attracting even more users or viewers over time. Although the ads could be beneficial for people who want to earn some free bits in order to show support to their favorite creator or player: they could also be disruptive and boring if keep on displaying during the live streaming session, which is why we have come forward with ways on how to block these unwanted ads on twitch.

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1. How To Block Ads On Twitch
2. Blocking ads on Twitch
3. Blocking ads via UBLOCK ORIGIN
4. Blocking Through VPN
5. Blocking Ads with an Ad Blocking Browser

How To Block Ads On Twitch?

Advertisements on the world’s number one platform for video game streaming and broadcasting are displayed for the purpose of attracting more audiences and promoting some other streams as well. Nonetheless, these ads are not only displayed for the advantage of the host entity which is under Amazon: these ads also benefit the audience and viewers. As they enable the viewers to have free bits. The bits are of great importance on the twitch as they drag a viewer to the forefront by making him or her stand out in front of their favorite creators or players.

However, these ads are not fun all the time as sometimes they might be a headache and disturb your game if you play, like who on earth would want to be disturbed and lose points while you are competing against your opponent or disturb your view if you are watching a live broadcast of your favorite video game from your favorite player or creator.

Blocking ads on Twitch

Twitch is a platform for live streaming so if you have even a single experience of watching the live streaming or broadcast, you would know how disruptive these ads could be during the live streaming session. There are many ways to block the ads from twitch to avoid any disturbance so we will categorize them as more accessible and easier ways of blocking those unwanted ads from twitch. As the internet is filled with numerous ad blockers but here we will present you with some of the trustworthy and reliable adblockers to let you avoid any form of disturbance and repetitive disruptions.

Blocking ads via UBLOCK ORIGIN

One of the most effective and efficient ways of blocking ads from twitch is to install some authentic extensions for the blocking for instance the UBLOCK ORIGIN as it is very trending these days. Such extensions will let you block the on-page ads.

Once the UBLOCK ORIGIN is installed. You do not have to worry anymore about the repetitive ads as it will conveniently block all the on-page ads along with all the banners and pennants that appear when you scroll along with the page. However, unfortunately, the UBLOCK ORIGIN will not be able to block the pre-roll and mid-roll video ads: that is why you might need to change your IP address.

Blocking Through VPN

best VPN for twitch to block ads

If you want to block every kind of ad whether it is a pictorial, banner or it is video ad then you will have to use the virtual private network also known as the VPN in order to change the IP address or location of your electronic gadget. This will result in the permanent blocking of all advertisements including on-page ads, mid-roll ads, and other pre-roll ads.

Moreover, the recommendation tab for VPN blocking may vary depending on the country of your residence. As it is the most effective method of blocking all types of ads that is why it may charge a small fee on the subscription as it is a private network.

Follow the steps below to block all the wanted ads from twitch.

1. First of all if the Virtual private network is installed on your phone or a pc. Then kindly subscribe to it.

2. If it is not installed: go ahead and make a subscription to the cyber ghost or express VPN and install the application to your electronic gadget.

3. When you open the VPN client.

4. A table with different options would be displayed for you.

5. Select the server option to open a server location.

6. Make sure to enable the VPN so that it could start working.

7. Then go ahead and open one of your favorite browsers either Google, Firefox, or anything else.

8. From the browser: land on the Site.

9. Once done: you will be able to watch the live broadcast on twitch or play games without any sort of disturbance.

A Quick Tip

Kindly keep in mind that this process and all these steps work exactly the same for any running device having such a similar setup. In addition, the Virtual Private Network might not work the same in every country, therefore it is recommended from our side to please check the country of your residence and then navigate with the virtual private network (VPN).

Blocking Ads with an Ad Blocking Browser

best adblocker for twitch

This is the simplest way to block ads through a browser so let us lead you to avoid further disruption and repetitive appearance of ads.

1. Search for the ad-blocking browser on any page such as Google, Firefox, Brave, etc.

2. Once found; go ahead and start with the download of the ad-blocking browser.

3. When you are done with the downloading, take a step forward and run the setup file.

4. However, the Brave browser is the most efficiently working website so if you go ahead with our recommendation then once the download is complete. There is nothing to do beyond downloading.

5. All you have to do after the installation is to search for the On the newly installed browser.

6. The The site will no longer display or show any sort of advertisement.

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