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How To Change Twitch Name With Simple Steps?

change twitch name
Written by Martin Mcgaha

The twitch site is an amazing platform where so many amazing content creators, streamers, broadcasters, and gamers come together and try to collaborate in order to give rise to a title, game, or content that would be so eye-catching and so amazing that the audience traffic will be enhanced and increased by almost double. The twitch site has almost become a business platform where to help the trending and top-rated creators, the fans donate money and opt some other ways as well in order to raise the funds for a particular streamer or gamer. Therefore twitch always works on coming to the front with some efficiently working features.

People over time have sent requests and asked amazon to let them change their usernames, which is why twitch has now introduced the username policy, where the user with a verified account and email can change his username along with some restrictions and consequences.

What Is A Twitch name?

The twitch name is actually a username that is given to a person who makes an account on Site. This username acts as a unique identifier for an individual on the platform of twitch so every time he appears on the platform and tries to broadcast a live video game, he will have his own identity to display in front of other people out there on the platform and the fans would be able to trace that specific streamer or broadcaster through his username along with that people will be able to easily find his channel as his username makes him easily accessible.

The more amazing thing is that even when you have selected a certain name and want it displayed on your account but there might come a point where you might want to change your username by making it even cooler and wonderful. So when that very thought of changing your username crosses your mind; you need not panic even a bit because to change your username is now no problem on the twitch platform even more.

Although changing usernames and making them seem much cooler is fun but this magnificent feature is brought up by the twitch site with some restrictions where you can only change your username once in two months. So if you have already changed your username once and now you want to change it again, for that you will have to wait for at least 60 days, a duration of two months at the very least. And after exactly two months you would be enabled automatically by the twitch site to change your username.

In addition please keep in mind that when you change your username on twitch, it will also lead to a change in your URL as well: however, when you change your display name, it will cause no changes to your URL or anywhere to your account.

You can get access to changing your username and get your username or display name changed on any of your electronic gadgets, therefore you will not have to step out of your comfort zone because twitch being the amazing platform has tried its best to make everything more approachable, accessible and convenient for you.

How to change Twitch Name?

how to change twitch name

People tend to get confused when it comes to changing their usernames or displaying names on the twitch, but with us, you can just trust the process and head along with us as we explain every step with maximum explanation to you.

Below are the simplest and most straightforward steps through which you can change your username on the platform of twitch.

1. Once you have turned your PC on.
2. Search and open the twitch website on your browser.
3. When done go ahead and click on the icon of a profile.
4. When you click on the icon: This would be displayed on the top right corner of your screen.
5. It will enable you to log in to your twitch account. If you are not already logged in to your account on the twitch site
6. Once you enter your own account, a drop-down menu will appear in front of you on the right side of your screen.
7. Look for the SETTINGS in the drop-down menu.
8. Once found, kindly click on it (SETTINGS).
9. When you click on the settings, a new would appear on your screen.
10. Multiple options would appear, please select and click on the PROFILE.
11. Scroll a bit down and look for the PROFILE SETTING option.
12. Once found, click on it.
13. When you click on the profile setting section, another window will get open.
14. Where you need to look for the pencil icon and click on it as that pencil icon would be displayed in front of the username.
15. However, a message would be displayed just below the username bar stating if you are capable of making a change or not.
16. If you are eligible to make a change to your twitch accounts then type your favorite username in the bar of the pop-up window.
17. And just when you are done hit the UPDATE button below when it turns purple.
18. After that you will be asked to confirm your password.
19. Enter your password and hit the confirm button.

Moreover, bear in mind that you must have to own a verified email in order to make changes to your username in the twitch account. In case your email is not verified you will never be able to make any changes to your account.

In addition, when you change your username on the twitch site, you need to know that changing your username will also result in the change of your URL. Therefore your fans and other streamers who might be your partners or followers may lose access to your account and if not then they will definitely have a very hard time tracing your account and getting in touch with you.

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