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How To Download Twitch Clips Using Three Methods?

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Written by Martin Mcgaha

The twitch platform for live gaming and streaming of video games is operated by Amazon. It is not just a broadcasting platform but rather it allows the creators and players to make commentary. While making commentary the commentator will also appear on the bottom right corner of the screen through his webcam. is the number one leading platform with its most amazing and unique features. This website has benefited the majority of the people as it does not only serve as a gaming or streaming platform but also enables people to make money. Because if someone is investing so much of his time into something then why would they want to do it for free as we say time is money and when you invest your time you should definitely get some money in return.

Twitch clip

Basically, if you are a streamer; the twitch clips could be a high advantage to you if you ever want to keep the record of some of the best moments on the broadcast. A twitch clip is actually a small segment of video or ad with a duration ranging from 5 seconds to 60 seconds at the most. These video clips could be created by both the broadcaster and creator as well as their viewers if they want something to keep with them such as recording a memorable moment from live streaming or broadcast.

Clipping is not just about some videos: rather it is about having a certain memory of a certain moment for a lifetime. As you might know, that is just because you are on Site more often does not mean you will have access to a certain video or clip for a lifetime. There may come a moment where the streamer or the broadcaster may want to delete their broadcasted videos and when that happens it will also lead to the deletion of certain videos related to the clip from the platform. Therefore, over time the creators and viewers both had this huge urge to download the clips from

As a result, we have come forward to help you out and let you have some explained steps through which you can always download your favorite clips from Site.

How To Download Twitch Clips?

Many people are asking this one question can I download twitch clips? Whether you have made a video on twitch and now want to download a clip from that video that was streamed on your channel or you are just a viewer and want to keep a certain clip from the video that someone else has broadcasted on their channel: all you need is to seek help or assistance from the CLIP MANAGER.

Below are the steps which would assist you in how to download the clips from Site.

1. First of all make sure to be logged in to your account.
2. Once you land on the home page of your account.
3. Kindly go for the creator dashboard displayed on your screen.
4. Once found: please select the CONTENT from other options.
5. Once done; a drop-down menu will appear in front of you on your screen.
6. Click on the CLIPS options.
7. A list of clips from multiple channels and your channel would be displayed for you.
8. All you need to do is to click on the clip that you would like to download.
9. If done: look for an icon with an arrow pointing upwards that portrays SHARE.
10. A row will appear in front of you with multiple options.
11. Go for the first option within purple highlights where a downloading option is displayed with an icon having a downward arrow.
12. This process could be applied to your channel and to other’s channels as well. For instance, you can download the clips which were clipped on your channel by others or you can also download some clips from the other’s channel that you have clipped yourself earlier.

On the contrary, the process will slightly differ for the videos or clips that you have not clipped yourself and are not broadcasted on your channel. Then you will have to use some external links or another app to download the clip.

How to download the twitch clips through external links?

To download the twitch clips within the site is rather a simple process: however, it needs some external links if you want to download some outside clips that were not clipped by you and are not from your own channel. There are multiple options for downloading those types of twitch clips through the following processes and steps.

This is one of the most efficiently working external links; where no struggle is caused to a viewer and is very easy to process.

1. Go through the following steps and you are good to download any clip you desire.
2. Log in to your Account.
3. Select any clip that you want to download.
4. Copy the link of that clip through ctrl+c
5. Open the website of CLIPR.XYZ.
6. Paste the link of your clip into the CLIPR.XYZ. Website.
7. A download button will appear on the screen.
8. When you click on the download button. The video will be downloaded to your PC.

Twitch clip downloader

twitch clip downloader extension

1. On the browser such as Google Browser: search Twitch Clip Downloader or twitch video downloader for pc.
2. When it is installed, it will simply add another button to the
3. DOWNLOAD CLIP button would be added to the twitch clips just next to the WATCH FULL VIDEO.

This will make it even easier for the viewers and creators to download any clip they want and any time they want. These processes and steps that we have explained thoroughly above would work on the electronic devices the same; whether it is a PC or a MAC and can work on the tablet, iPhone and phone as well. If you have downloaded some twitch clips then you can also use them to show some support and encouragement to your favorite streamer while he or she is broadcasting a live video game or something else.

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