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How To Raid on Twitch?

how to raid on twitch
Written by Martin Mcgaha

To stream and interact with communities on the internet is now easy due to platforms like Twitch. Gamers playing online games, creating memorable content, and promoting other twitch streamers are a lot of easy parts you can execute here. How to raid on twitch is a bit tricky as the feature is newly introduced on the platform with games-specific functions. You can redirect the viewers of your stream to other streamers easily with this feature.

With the revolutionary changes due to the internet the whole world is changing and the statement “World Is Becoming A Global Village” is proven to be true now. Twitch is an online platform where people from different races are creating gaming communities, and for newly joined streamers raiding is a selfless act to break onto the scene with the generosity of already streaming people on Twitch.

How To Raid on Twitch

This guide would let you learn to use the raiding feature of Twitch. Let us understand the whole concept and how to raid on twitch with some simple steps to follow. To start it we are straight diving into the steps here.

What Is Twitch Raiding?

The concept is so simple to understand, by raiding twitch you can host other streamers’ content.

When you are done with streaming normally you have only one option to say goodbye to your viewers. But, with the Twitch raid feature, you have one more option to allow someone else to host your stream. The same is the case with other streamers like you. If they don’t want to say goodbye they can let you take over to host their streams.

In such a way if you are new to the Twitch platform you would find the support of being live on someone else stream and can create your own community online on Twitch.

Start Raiding On Twitch

To start raiding you simply need to use the Chatbox of Twitch on any live stream and write the ” /raid “ command in the chatbox with your username or channel name. Example of starting raid on Twitch ” /raid USERNAME “, If I want you to raid I will write it like this ” /raid PC253TWITCH “.

I will explain it with a live example with the help of an image to show you how to do it exactly on the platform.

PC253 Twitch raid

When you write the command on Twitch for raiding press enter key on your computer’s keyboard. The process of raid execution will be initiated and When someone allows you to raid you will see a message like this on your computer screen.

PC253 twitch raid execution

Simply click on the “Raid Now” button to start raiding. It will start raiding immediately and you would be able to break onto the stream you are allowed to host. Keep one thing in mind if you could not choose to press the Raid Now button the option will be live for 80 seconds only. And it will disappear after the allocated time is over. The time allocated is defaulted by Twitch and the rights for prolonging or shortening are reserved.

Twitch Raid Settings Configuration

No worries at all, you can configure your Twitch raid settings of your streams and channel with different options Twitch is letting you allow to do it for your comfort. You can report the unwanted raiders and also it is in your control to let anyone raid your streams or simply deny not to let anyone raid.

As shown in the image above you can see the “follower only chat” right above the chat box. This can be done from the settings. Go to the chat settings and change the settings from there. To avoid destructive raiders this feature will help you limit your chat to the followers on your stream.

In settings go to the creator dashboard and pick channel options from the preferences. From there you can choose the only friend option to limit your raiders.

Can You Raid Someone On Twitch

If you wish to raid someone else’s channel simply write the command (explained above) in the chatbox followed by the name of that channel you want to take over the hosting and press enter. Now wait a few seconds, if he or she allows you to raid, press the Raid Now button to execute.

Twitch Raid Vs Host

To understand the concept make it simple for your know-how that when you want to break onto someone’s channel or stream it is raiding and when you are allowed to take over and officially you are now controlling the stream, it is hosting. Avoid complex conceptions about the theory of what is it exactly. This could be said as two different things in a single process.

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This simple and precise guide would let you do raiding on twitch with a few quick steps and you would be able to do it in seconds. It is pretty useful for newly joined members on the platform and they could build their own community with the help of using this feature.

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