Razer Announced The Redesigned Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro

Redesigned Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is finally out
Written by Martin Mcgaha

Finally, the wait is over, Razer’s new DeathAdder V3 Pro gaming mouse is finally out now with jaw-dropping aesthetics and many updates. Razer initially announced the release on Twitter stating that “Now with an ultra-lightweight design weighing as little as 63g that has been refined in partnership with top esports pros, and with the new Gen-3 optical switches, play with an unfair advantage today“.The Razer actually followed the footsteps of the Viper V2 Pro which is also one of the finest mice from Razer. On the other hand, the price for the V3 pro has also increased from $130 to $150 and is available today in the marketplace.

Razer Announced The Redesigned Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro

Regardless, there are more enhancements made to the V3 Pro mouse like the addition of a 30K sensor just like found on the Focus pro. It’s a top-notch sensor covering more surfaces. Whereas, the middle of the mouse is thickened for a perfect palm grip. On the other hand, there are some updates on the battery side to let the DeathAdder V3 Pro survive longer and the weight almost equals nothing after Razer stripped off 25 grams with a net weight of 63 grams.

To decrease the weight, the precut grip tape is removed, Chroma is ditched, removed 2 buttons are from 8 and dropped to 6. Whereas, the five programmable and DPI switcher is still there. However, the Bluetooth is thrown away from the mouse. Yet the V3 pro still falls under the mid-range mice category and Razer has not announced anything else on this matter.

Furthermore, the lines are made balanced in order to allow both hands to fit accurately on the V3 Pro with the faded curves. However, the mouse is still designed for the right hand because of the overall architecture.

Other features include the 1,000Hz and there’s a HyperPolling dongle upgrade option left on DeathAdder V3 Pro that comes in for $30 that can take the p0lling speed to 4,000Hz. Hence it takes the price for the mouse to $165 alongside shipping. Yet, there’s also a drawback to the higher polling speeds, the 1000GHz can only allow the mouse to survive for around 90 hours and 4000Hz can drop your battery life to 24-25 hours.

All in all, Razer did a great job today to launch such a prestige gaming mouse with enhanced functionalities for gamers like us.

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