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PC253 RIGHTPC253 is a blog mainly focused on building gaming desktops of all kinds and also solves the issues regarding the PCs that people face on the daily basis. The information that the PC253 provides is based on facts and our team works day and night to make things fully authentic for the audience.

We have decided to offer a $2000 scholarship for those who are more into gaming PCs and know how to build one on their own. You don’t need to actually build the gaming PC but rather give us a detailed process of assembling one and deciding the parts that must be used on the rig.

Whereas, you can decide the budget on your own and let us know whether you’re building an entry-level, medium-level, or higher-level gaming PC. Make sure that you actually know what you’re writing, else, the participant will be disqualified from the scholarship program.

Application Criteria for PC253 Scholarship Program

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before applying for the program:

1. You must be a College or University student to apply for this scholarship.
2. Participants must be 16 years of age and applications from below the 16 years age will be rejected.
3. Participants must submit the document before the due date.
4. Make sure, the copy that you’re sending us is plagiarism-free. (3% plagiarism accepted)

Requirements for Application

Here’s what is required from us when you create the document:

1. You need to mention the budget for the gaming PC build.
2. You need to decide and mention the hardware components in the document.
3. Write down detailed information about the hardware components in 300 words.
4. Write down 300 words on the building process of the PC.

You can send the document to scholarship@PC253.com

Terms & Conditions

1. Participant can’t apply for more than 1 time or he will be disqualified.
2. Participants must submit the document before 31st December 2022.
3. A winner will be announced on 15th January 2023.

Tips To Win The Scholarship

1. Go to different authentic sites online, get ideas from there and write a perfect guide.
2. Don’t Copy and paste, focus on creating your own content.
3. If possible, do something different compared to other blogs as we’ll strongly appreciate those documents.
4. You words must be simple and easy to understand.

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Good Luck!