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How To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup?

Stop Steam From Opening On Startup
Written by Martin Mcgaha

Steam is a huge platform of multimedia administration for the gaming world developed by the valve cooperation. The steam was launched in late 2003 in order to update and upgrade the software of games automatically and without any bugs or hassle for the games, which supports the steam client app. Whereas, Steam is considered to be one of the largest multimedia platforms that is contributing to the gaming world especially to the users of PC. In 2013 it was surveyed that approximately 75 percent of the market shares were received by the steam only and with the start of 2019 the steam platform had almost taken over about 34,000 games all over the world along with approximately 95 million active users just per month, which was considered the huge take-over in the history of gaming platforms.

The primary service that steam offers is to allow the active users with a Steam account to install or download the games and some other software to the local libraries of their computers. Steam has even introduced a unique feature of sharing the games with other players even if they do not have a steam client account and without having to launch the steam app on the supported computer.

What Is Steam start up?

The steam start-up is a phenomenon where the steam app automatically launches or appears on the screen without having anyone log in to the steam account when a person switches on his computer. However, this is completely alright if a person switches on the computer just to play games and immediately jumps to the steam or a person who turns on the computer to have a chat with the friends on steam client chat.

But this could be seriously problematic for a person who switches on the computer for some other purpose such as to work etc because having such programs running at the startup can affect the functioning of the computer by slowing it down to a certain extent and thus causing him trouble in his work. The same is the case with steam as it can also cause trouble to the computer by draining its data when the downloading keeps on happening in the background.

Moreover, no matter what the situation is; it does not take long if we start the steam client on our own. That’s exactly why there is no need for the steam to be launched on its own every time a computer is turned on. Therefore, we are here to explain to you: how to stop the steam from opening on the startup automatically.

Disabling the steam opening on startup

Fortunately, in order to disable the steam to open up when a computer is turned on; you do not have to uninstall the steam client app or remove your account. All you have to do is to turn off the default application for it, as when the steam is installed it is automatically set to a default mode which means that it will open up on its own when someone switches the computer on.

In addition, there are multiple ways of disabling the steam opening on startup. Although the steps are easy but slightly confusing that is why we have decided to explain them more thoroughly to you: so that you do not struggle even for a bit.

How to stop steam from opening on startup?

Following are the steps through which you can easily grasp the hold of the steam app and all its functions. Thereby, follow us through so that we get along to work it out more openly and effectively.

Disabling steam from opening on startup on mac?

Stop Steam From Opening On Mac

1. First of all turn your mac on.
2. Log in to the steam client account.
3. Go to the top left corner of your mac screen and look for the steam to click in the toolbar.
4. Search for the settings and once found, kindly click on it.
5. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find a vertical menu that slides off.
6. Look for the INTERFACE and click on it.
7. Once you click on the interface, a list of functions and systems will appear in front of you.
8. Scroll a bit down and look for the option of RUN STEAM WHEN MY COMPUTER STARTS.
9. A tiny square box will be there just beside the RUN STEAM WHEN MY COMPUTER STARTS.
10. That little box would be marked with a check or a tick mark.
11. Kindly click on that tiny box and remove the tick or uncheck it.
12. Once done, the steam application will not launch automatically when you start your mac.

How to stop steam from opening when the computer is turned on? (Windows)

Stop Steam From Opening On Windows

Below are the steps to be followed in order to disable the steam to open up when a computer is switched on.

1. Turn your computer on.
2. You can simply go to the settings of your computer by searching for it in the slide over the menu, which appears when you click on the start button of your computer in the bottom left corner of your screen.
3. Or you can also press windows key+I altogether to open up the settings of your computer.
4. Once done the settings window will open up.
5. Kindly select the option of APPS.
6. Once clicked, you will be taken to another list of options.
7. Please select the STARTUP at the bottom of the menu by clicking on it.
8. Look for the STEAM option and once found.
9. Slide the blue circle to the right, which will be displayed just in front of the STEAM.

When you are done with all the steps, the steam application will be removed from the default mode and the steam client will stop appearing on the screen every time you switch your computer on. However, bear in mind that this process is reversible so if you ever happen to change your mind and want the steam client app to launch on its own every time you turn your computer or mac on. You can always go reverse with the steps and set the steam client app to a default mode again.

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