The Next Nvidia Graphics Card Series is Coming Soon: RTX 40 Series

The Next Nvidia Graphics Card Series is Coming Soon
Written by Martin Mcgaha

It’s great news for consumers or gaming enthusiasts from Nvidia that the next Nvidia graphics card series is coming soon that will include some of the next-generation cards.

After the RTX 30 graphics card series which stepped on the market almost 2 years ago, Nvidia is now planning on releasing the newest generation of cards which is going to be the RTX 40 Series. It has been officially confirmed by NVIDIA that the new architecture is going to be released next month during the company’s GTC 2022 and the exact date confirmed is September 20, 2022.

However, the new graphics cards aren’t going to be available on September 20 as the company is introducing the new products for the powerful workstation setups and servers first. However, we’ll have a good idea of what exactly the new architecture the Nvidia Geforce is going to adopt.

Whereas, Nvidia has also said that the demand for gaming is reduced by 33% since last year up till now and 44% in the previous quarter of the year. Nvidia gave their reason that it’s because of the “challenging market conditions” as the global economy is facing inflation and people can’t afford to leave hundreds of dollars on the table for the gaming hardware components. On the other hand, the Crypto market is also collapsed to some extent and crypto farms are no longer interested in mining the crypto, so the demand for GPUs has also reduced.

As we have seen in the previous Nvidia graphics card releases that they always start releasing the upper-class graphics cards in the series. This time I guess it’ll be the same and it’s expected that they will launch the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 graphics cards first or maybe the more expensive ones that we don’t know yet. Hopefully, something different from Nvidia will come out this time to add up to the gaming community.

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