The PlayStation Website Now Has a PC Games Section

The PlayStation Website Now Has a PC Games Section
Written by Martin Mcgaha

Sony has been more into the gaming industry and made some business moves this time by including the PlayStation PC games section on the PlayStation’s official website. The website is now acting as the main hub for PlayStation games on PC which is somehow a big thing from the company itself. However, there was no such section that can define PC games before. Whereas, from now on, you’ll see recent releases from the company on this specific page. Till now, games like God of War, Days Gone, Helldivers, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone are released on the PlayStation PC games section. On top of that, more games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection are on the way and will be released soon.

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Epic Games and Steam are the stores That sell more of the games copies from Sony’s PlayStation company and almost all games from them are available on both platforms.

Regardless, there’s also an FAQ section on the PlayStation PC games page that answers all of the required queries regarding their games, and the Playstation team has answered them in the most efficient way possible. One question states that “Can I Transfer My Save From PS4 or PS5 Version To The PC Version?” and the team has answered, “It is currently not possible to transfer your save data from the PS4 or PS5 version to the PC version of a PlayStation Studios title, or vice versa“. One more interesting thing is that Sony PlayStation is using the word “Currently” in most of the answers to the queries which implies that they are keeping everything updated.

Previously, Sony wasn’t into PC games as they were more focused on creating console games as per their business requirements which has now changed and the company is most into PC games now. The only reason behind that is the $300 million business milestone that sony has set to achieve by the end of 2022.

According to the charts, Sony has made over $60 million from Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC edition by setting the 2.4 million copies of the title itself. Whereas God Of War is standing at $26.2 million of revenue with 971,000 sales, Days Gone has sold over 852,000 copies and brought in $22.7 million of revenue.

Moreover, Sony is also up for big plans and announced that they will release almost half of the games for PC and mobile by the year 2025. All in all, PlayStation was previously a console-focused company, and this move changes everything we hope for the best to come out for us from Sony.

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