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How To Uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

uninstall epic games launcher
Written by Martin Mcgaha

Are you in a middle of a game session with lagging distraction and can’t uninstall Epic Games Launcher? Don’t get worried, it ain’t happened to you alone. Being a gamer you need to know associated programs that could be alarming hurdles to the performance of your PC.

If you installed Epic Games Launcher, it might be that hurdle. It sucks a large amount of RAM memory to perform smoothly. As a result, other programs installed on your computer run slow and you face issues. That is the reason you are facing laggy performance in gameplay sessions.

You can uninstall it with the help of the “add or remove program” tool of the windows operating system. But before you start the process of uninstalling make sure that no game is running on the launcher and it is properly closed. This guide would prove to be a helping hand in leading you through the process.

In a Nutshell

Uninstall on Widows: On the start button search for control panel, go to control panel, and search for “Add Or Remove Programs”. Here on this list of different programs find epic games launcher. Choose to select it and click the uninstall option, now wait for the completion of the process.

Uninstall on macOS: In mac you can do it from the Finder option. Head over to the applications, and find the epic games launcher. It is there on the list of installed programs on your system. Right-click to move to choose trash. Clicking move to trash will uninstall epic games launcher.

how to uninstall epic games launcher

Epic Games Launcher

Epic Games Launcher is a digital distribution platform to administer the media on your PC or laptop. It has been launched back in 2018 by a software development company “Epic Games”. Different websites offer free downloads of the .exe file of the program. It is supported by both operating systems macOS and Windows.

The software is offering free games and price discounts to attract new users. It’s marketing strategy to enlarge its user bank is successful and now millions of gaming passionate installed the launcher on their computers.

In today’s modern world of gaming, Epic Launcher is well known to every gamer like old-school GOG Galaxy and And it is a matter of fact that every game released today has its own program framework to run. Compatibility is a substantial consideration to run games with their original playback experience. That is the reason epic games developed their own program to get you the perfect balance of gaming sessions.

How To Uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

Uninstall Epic Games Launcher On Windows

After installation of the epic games launcher, performance issues arise with your PC one way or another and you want to remove it from your system. To remove it safely without any harm to other programs on Windows PC you need to follow these steps.

Start Menu

Start Menu on Windows OS

Click on the Start button on the left bottom of the windows taskbar to access the start menu and search for the control panel icon. Enter the control panel. You can find it easily in the Windows system folder listed in the start menu. Click on the drop-down small arrow at the right side of the folder and you will see the control panel icon.

finding control panel in windows system directory

Note: If your PC windows features do not offer a start menu or it doesn’t look like showing in the image, search for the control panel from the windows search option.

Control Panel

Control Panel programs and features

Now when you are in the control panel, search for programs and features. If your windows system of view in the folder is set to category view you will find it under the Uninstall program icon and if the view is set to icons you will find the icon for the programs and features. Click on the icon and find the Epic games launcher in the list of programs installed on your system.

When you click the program it will give you the “Uninstall” and “Repair” options shown at the top of the list of programs. From there you can fix the problems with the help of a repair option if you want to simply fix the issues and don’t want to uninstall.

But if you want to uninstall the launcher, head over to start the uninstall process. It will ask for your confirmation in the yes or no tab, press the yes button to confirm the uninstall. After you confirm the uninstall process initiates and would remove the program through the process.

control panel add remove programs

Note: Once you are done with the process restart your windows. After restart, you need to check it again in the same programs and features tool of windows to confirm the deletion.

Unintall Epic Games Launcher on Mac

If you are not a Windows user and your mac is creating issues after the epic games launcher is installed on the system. You can remove it through the process explained here.


finder on macOS

With help of the Finder app, you can find the applications. Your macOS finder is on the Doc as shown in the image. Hover on the icon and click to access.


appications on macOS

The menu on the left of the macOS system would access the applications list. Once you find it, click to open the applications. After clicking a list with applications will open. Head over to the Epic Games Launcher icon here.

Move to Trash

Move ot trash application on macOS

Hover and right-click on the Epic Games Launcher icon and a drop-down menu will open with different options. You need to find the move to trash option and click the option to trash the launcher.

Easy to Do Tip: Grab the icon with the help of the mouse cursor and move to drag it to the trash can. Empty the trash can to remove it completely from the system and restart. After restart check the applications list for confirmation.

Why Would I Want to Uninstall the Epic Games Launcher?

The reasons for uninstalling may vary for different users to uninstall Epic Games Launcher. It might affect the performance of your system as you noticed after the installation of the launcher your system is not running smoothly. You’ve decided to remove it for the enhancement of smooth performance. However, the following reasons could make the decision to remove the launcher.

You No Longer Use It

For the purpose you installed it on your system is no more. So you are not using it and it is not useful anymore. Of course, in such a case you should remove it from your computer to keep the programs or application list clean. Keep in mind this deletion won’t remove your Epic Games account.

Free Up Space

Yes, your hard disk is coming up with a short storage capacity. Removing unnecessary applications/programs could be a great decision to free up space for other important data files. Thou Epic Games Launcher downloads games and data files associated with them and they occupy a large space. So deletion would be a great decision to make in such a case.

To Fix Or Reinstall

Simply, you want to remove it for fixing the bugs or fix the launcher itself. So you decided to remove it and reinstall it fresh to avoid all the inconvenience. As explained above, you can try the “Repair” tool to fix it. And if it’s again running with errors, the smart move would be to remove and reinstall.

Why You Can’t Uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

The first thing to do is know the reasons why you are unable to remove it from your computer. It will take a few moments to do so, and you would be able to uninstall it without any effort.

There is no denying the rocking fact of numerous video games is releasing with every coming day. And every game has its separate backend programs to play it with the best possible settings on your PC. Fully closing those programs could pave your way to a successful uninstall. If those running programs are not closed properly, you can face uninstalling errors.

The same could happen with the Epic games launcher. It’s not fully shut down and active in the background and uninstall errors are poping. Try troubleshooting tools on your computer’s windows system to fix it.

Your computer is popping up a message of an invalid directory during the uninstall process. This might happen due to the change of name of the folder on your Windows system when the launcher is installed. You need to find that folder where it is installed. Go to the icon of the launcher, right-click and through the drop-down menu select the properties to know the name of the directory.

Another choice to remove the launchers is you would require to remove the games downloaded through this program. That might be a hurdle for uninstalling process. Trash all the games and start the uninstall process.

But if still, the problem exists, I would recommend third-party software in such cases. However, the windows tools are enough to fix the errors.

How Do I Force To Uninstall the Epic Games Launcher?

Thou I would not recommend it to do but one more option on the Windows operating system could be availed. On the windows registry, you can edit files on your system and force to uninstall the software of the epic games launcher.

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It’s A Wrap

The process explained in this article would also prove to be helpful in removing other programs from your Windows computer and macOS. However, everything depends on your system components. If you have built a strong system then the installation of exaggerated programs won’t affect the performance. But if the system hardware is weak you would face issues and you would require to go through the uninstall process to make it better in terms of performing smoothly.

I hope this post would be a helpful source for most of you! Let me know your feedback on this.

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