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How To Update Discord On iPhone, iPad, Or Android?

Written by Martin Mcgaha

Like all other apps on your phone or computer, you can also update Discord to a newly released version. This post is contributing to letting you learn the process of updating discord without facing any issues. A few simple steps could lead you to do it.

Before going through the process let us talk about some other things that are making issues and your app is not working properly or it is running with distraction. The most important one is the cache stored on your device. Here is a guide on how you can remove cache from your device easily. To do this keep in mind that you would be required to wipe out the cache file manually from your system (In case you are using discord on windows).

However, why do you need to clear the cache? Because these temporary files stored on the memory of your device would not let you run the update process. Or, maybe you successfully updated the app but it won’t work smoothly. So, before starting the update process it is suggested to remove the cache file.

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How To Update Discord

You need to learn the process across all your devices to update the Discord app to have a perfect running experience.

Update Discord On Windows

Discord is the gamer’s top VOIP champion service that is very loved among the gaming community for online gaming chats and casts. You can update it on windows 10 very easily. Follow these three simple steps to update it. Press key “R” on the keyboard while pressing the windows button along. The discord screen would go blank for a while and here you got the update. Now refresh the app or restart it. You would have the updated version.

On Mac press Command + R to update the app and the same will happen here as explained in the update process of windows and you will get an updated version of the Discord app.

Pro Tip: If you are using Discord on your computer browser, you should know that the browsers are using the most latest version of any app. So, no updates are required at all.

After the process is complete go to the “What’s New” section to find out what are new features added to the app.

Update Discord On iPhone and iPad

The easiest part of updating any app on your iPhone or iPad is only opening the app store and searching for the app you want to update. In this case, Discord should be found for updates. If there is any new version not yet updated on your phone. It will appear with the option (Update Button) of an update to the new version. Press on the update button and the newly released version or updates would be installed on your device.

You can put it on the automatic updates list so when there is any release for updates it will automatically get updated.

Scroll down on the windows to check for what’s new in this update. You will find the newly added features and bugs fixed in the old version.

Update Discord On Android

The process of updating Discord on an Android phone or tablet is also the same as you followed on an iPhone or iPad. From the app store, you can easily update it with some counted clicks.

After updating it this time put it on the automatic updates list for auto-updates when a new release is on the store.

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Wraping Up

You saw how it is easy to update the Discord app across all your devices. With some counted clicks you can make it smoother for running on your devices. Always keep your apps on the updated versions. They will run smoothly and also your devices would operate like butter.

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